ParexChina Annual Party, Like a fighter jets—-the Coolest One with Globalized Style

24 February 2018

For those who ever attended the annual party of ParexChina, will pay close attention to and look forward to a "big event" in the upcoming lunar New Year.

The star-studded guests from various countries, the new game plays emerging one after another, the eternal hot passion and spirit, the touching and unforgettable reunion moment...The annual party of ParexChina is so wonderful, deeply touching everyone. It has already become an important existence for all the Parex people, without which the new year is not complete.

2018 annual party of ParexChina excited everyone with the idea of Anew. The Parex people dispersed around the world gathered, writing the future ambition and conveying the spirit of Parex.

Hero Return with highly explosive scientific and technological touch, Tug of War Competition with concerted effort to overcome all the difficulties, and Singing and Dancing Feast presenting the wonderful life and work of Parex people. 2018, along with the call of the banner Starting Anew, ParexChina kicks off the new year full of anticipation and heroic endeavor with the great globalized annual party!


The Heroes Return with Triumph

On the first day of 2018 annual party, Davco world-class Conghua new plant ushered in the magnificent unveiling! Under such strong opening momentum of Conghua super plant, even the sky swept the haze for days and presented the congratulations with bright sunshine.

In the spacious plant, the heroes of ParexChina—the foreign dignitaries, the distributors of Davco & Suzuka from all over the country, riding the cool robots and the lighting speed motorcycles to the future and stepping into the warm welcome and countless applause from Parex People,returned with triumph and honor.



The passion of Parex people won’t be extinguished even on cold days. The trust, understanding and unity…the intimated friendship was cohered on the rope of the tug of war. They shouted out the slogans loudly and stood firmly in place, which indeed interpreted the spirit of Parex: unite in a concerted effort and never give up.

Start Anew

How many exciting results has ParexChina achieved in the past years? What opportunities and challenges will we meet in the future? Various puzzles, all will be announced one by one in 2018 annual meeting report of ParexChina.


The global leaders of ParexGroup highly attached the importance to the work reports guiding the future, multinational top leaders and their teams have travelled all the way to China to attend the grand meeting:

The dignitaries including Mr Eric Bergé, Global President of ParexGroup, Mr Xavier Champenois, Vice President of ParexGroup, Mr Tim Holfert, Vice President of ParexGroup and General Manager of APAC and various group leaders, the general managers from the group subsidiaries of Singapore, Australian, Malasian, Qatar, Thailand, Philippine and their teams, Mr. Wu Haiming, Founder of DavcoChina and Senior Consultant of ParexDavco, Mr. Xu Ying, Vice President of ParexGroup & Board Chairman of ParexChina, and the guests, together with all Parex people, witnessed the great moment of Parex opening the new chapter.

Mr Eric Bergé, Global President of ParexGroup, addressed in the meeting, and he shared the milestone results ParexGroup achieved in the past year, identified the future deployment, particularly stressed that DavcoChina has jumped to be No.1 in the global sales among 23 countries of ParexGroup along with its flourishing business in China and become the most important engine of the group development. He is so proud of DavcoChina team and full of anticipation toward the future development of ParexChina!


Mr Eric Bergé, Global President of ParexGroup, addressed in the meeting

Mr. Xu Ying, Vice President of ParexGroup & Board Chairman of ParexChina, started his speech themed with Starting Anew: 2018, we should start from Cultural Heritage, integrate the Parex Culture of Sharing, Talents, Action and Innovation into our work, realize the development and common prosperity between the enterprise and employees, start from Changes, in our mind, no matter how far we go, we should set up the attitude of Reboot, stay with our original mission and maintain our enthusiasm and aspiration going forward courageously, in our action, adopt the Changes wholeheartedly, reconstruct the power of market development, the market launch logic of products and the new ecology of marketing, challenge with the constant changing market environment with all new ideas and strategies, face the difficulties and then create the brilliance again!


Mr. Xu Ying, Vice President of ParexGroup & Board Chairman of ParexChina, made a speech

His passionate and generous speech, deeply touched the hearts of everyone, but also inspired the morale of all the Parex people, encouraging everyone start again on the way forward, and act on what we believe.

Mr Xavier Champenois and Mr Tim Holfert, Vice Presidents of ParexGroup, have made vivid and soulful speeches respectively and presented the most sincere blessing to the future of ParexChina!

What direction should we "start anew" in the future? Let’s take a look at 2018 keywords of ParexChina targeting at the strategic objective and launching a more mammoth charge toward the new year.


ParexDavco: Cohesive Alliance, Creative Platform, Kick Off Year one for the New Retail!


ParexSuzuka: Renew the Layout, Win in the Sourcing, Build the Brand, 2018, Break the Ice!

For commending the advanced cases and setting good examples, ParexChina held the awards ceremony for the employees, distributors and sales representatives with outstanding performance.

Hero Alliance

Parex people, are not only the competent elites at work, but also the scintillating generalists good at singing and dancing on the stage: they jointly produced the excellent festival gala feast, performed the development journey experiencing wind and rain of ParexChina from its dormancy to rise, sang out loudly the Parex spirit of Life is Endless, Never Stop Striving, and danced for the colorful future with countless new ideas.



At the finale of the carnival dinner, in response to the theme of Hero Return, the annual rhapsody full of joy and jubilance, and sublime heroism was played by the well-known Heroes from the east and west, the ancient and modern time: Thor, Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman…who are active in the screen and our hearts, all came to the annual party, writing the Chinese calligraphy of Wang (king), collecting Likes, dancing and singing. Such fiery and overflowing scenes brought an unforgettable night to everyone.

There were wave after wave of falling red envelops + lucky draws + hero modeling performance PK, rousing everyone on the scene!

In the new year, let us gather under the banner of Start Anew, develop the heroic spirit of Achieve What Others Can’t and Never Give Up, forge ahead and fight to the end!