Crossing the Milestone of 2 Billion, Embarking On the New Journey Of Retails.

24 January 2018

December 15, 2017, Davco sales hit the record of 2 Billion RMB, a powerful data indicating its brand strength and a well-recognized social reputation to the partners and clients, as an international brand which has always persisted in staying true to its mission for sharing the global innovative technology of special mortars and coatings with countless households since its launch in China over 20 years ago.

In the afternoon, a grand and memorable Celebration Ceremony for Davco Sales Hitting 2 Billion was completed successfully in Guangzhou head office of DavcoChina. Mr. Xu Ying, Vice President of ParexGroup and bBoard Chairman of ParexChina, Mr. Zhang Yongdong, Vice General Manager of ParexDavco, Mr. Liu Shaoyan, Vice General Manager of ParexDavco, the general managers of various branches and business units and the representatives of distributors have attended and witnessed the new milestone and start of Davco business with the staff of Davco.
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At the early stage of starting up business, Davco walked with difficulties and groped for the direction--taking 12 years to create from 0 to 100 Million. However, along with various innovative marketing modules pioneered by Davco, Davco has been accelerating its development—taking 7 years to grow from 100 Million to 1 Billion. We explore the right direction and march forward, struggle with our firm determination in trials and hardship, and with the unremitting endeavor of our distributors and colleagues —taking only 3 years to achieve the new height from 1 Billion to 2 Billion. Right on today, Davco has set up the milestone record—2 Billion!

Remember the history to grasp the victory of tomorrow! On the site, we played the video to review the historic and memorable scenes and recalled the extraordinary achievements with our comrades who fight and start the new journey together!

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The Video to Review the Historic and Memorable Scenes
The first climax of the celebration immediately followed: Mr. Liu Shaoyan, Vice General Manager of DavcoChina, unveiled the top 10 orders approaching to the record of 2 Billion one by one. Today’s glory of Davco, is exactly casted by the support and trust of numerous distributors, and the struggle of countless Davco people day and night. 

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Mr. Liu Shaoyan, Vice General Manager of DavcoChina
Amid the growing applause and cheer, Mr. Xu Ying, Vice President of ParexGroup and Board Chairman of ParexChina, took the stage to announce: the last order to push Davco to hit 2 billion is from the Business Department of Building Materials  in Furong district, Changsha, which was placed at 11:09, December 15, 2017.
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32d L Dancing For 2 Billion with Davco Products
Now, surely our friends who participated in the campaign of "8888 online cash lottery" must concern:Has the red envelope come to my account?The answer was revealed by Mr Zhang Yongdong, Vice General Manager of DavcoChina: the last order hitting 2 billion comes from Wuhan branch. Mr. Zong AiMin, General Manager of Wuhan branch, received the special prize on behalf of the distributor from Yixiang business department of building materials in Furong district, Changsha.
There are totally 5431 participants in the quiz, among who, 297 lucky ones have a right guess of Wuhan Branch and shared the cash red envelop of 8888 yuan.
In such jubilation, Mr. Xu ying, Vice President of ParexGroup and Board Chairman of ParexChina, took the stage and addressed about the journey of his heart along with the development of Davco.
The objective of Davco: cross the sales from 2 Billion to 3 Billion within 2 years, and target at the annual growth of 1 Billion after reaching 5 Billion.
It is not only an objective in mind, but will be achieved with effective methods and measures: DavcoChina will officially initiate the new retailing strategy and approach to our terminal consumers gradually via O2O, and our upgrading service from selling products to providing system solution and deliverables through the display, code scan, delivery service, etc. on the platform of our current nearly 3000 exclusive shops. 

DavcoChina will advance in retail, home decoration and project side by side and achieve higher market share and dream completion with the stronger marketing strategy and campaigns.

DavcoChina is growing, getting mature and stronger, exactly because of our huge sense of mission and responsibility: relying on the background of being a French international company, we wish to bring more great products, technology and workmanship to Chinese market, and the positive energy of home decoration to Chinese consumers.

Up to now, what Davco will do is far beyond the business, but its every action should be self motivated and of social and industrial significance.

What a great day it is, to light up the future for Davco from the new start of 2 Billion! Davco will march forward courageously to the higher objective along with the corporate culture, marketing strategy and team building.
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The celebration came to the end with thunder of applause, and the passionate speech of Mr. Xu Ying tugged at the heartstrings of everyone on the scene. Standing on the fresh new start of 2 Billion and responding to the strong call of mission sense, Davco people, Davco distributors and the large secondary distributors will unite into an impenetrable alliance and walk toward the broader future together.